Subscription Box

At the beginning of the year I was introduced to the wide world of subscription boxes when my daughter had been gifted with a kid-crafts box for Christmas. I was instantly hooked.
My whole family has a love for receiving mail, so the idea of a box with goodies coming to me every month was both the icing and the cake! I mulled over which box I should get for months before realizing what I really wanted didn’t exist yet: a poetry box. After a bit of idealist brainstorming I decided why don’t I make one?! I love expressing my creativity and sharing my love of poetry with others, plus who doesn’t love the excitement of expecting a parcel in the mail?
Myself, along with a small team of family and friends, started some serious planning and Raven & Rhyme Subscription Boxes was born! Alongside the eventual subscription box, Raven & Rhyme also offers bi-weekly prompt-writing challenges for a community of writers, readers, and enthusiasts like us (was on temporary hiatus due to a family loss and some illness but will be starting up again this fall).
We officially launched in September 2017, we’ve had prompts every Wednesday and Saturday for folks to share and enjoy! Keep an eye out for contests, giveaways, and collaborations, and keep watching for information about our upcoming Inspiring Subscription Boxes.
Currently we are working towards launching our first curated box of Vancouver Island inspirational artisan items locally in the Spring of 2019, with plans to expand to online ordering and a subscription box as interest grows.