Raven & Rhyme | A White Lie

“Can I have your olives?” she asked, eyeing his pizza
“Sure,” he said, “I hate olives.”
Their first date, he wanted her to like him.
Who knew they would eventually marry?
Now he lives with this ‘olive theory of true love’ and gets no olives
And sometimes.. You just want some damn olives..
“We’ll work it out.” she says, kissing him.

by Raven & Rhyme
Inspired by Poetry Prompt #30: A White Lie

Raven & Rhyme | White Wings

She came in as I slept in slumber deep
With wings white as snow
My mind now moving slow
Her mood I could not know
Awake and facing off with feathered friend or foe

Angelic eyes that stared into my soul
Seeing all the things I hide
Viewing all my sinful pride
Knowing when I had belied
And watching me when broken down I cried

This simple guest, this bird now in my room
Her very ethereal being
My inner truth she’s seeing
I now see my lost wellbeing
And somehow found this silent transaction was freeing

Without a word she lept into the air and flew about
It was an awesome sight
It thrilled in the fright
If attacking she would be right
I hid in blankets, held fast with all my might

The room around my bed had become silent now
I peeked to find no bird
In shock I said no word
No flapping wings were heard
I wondered if this whole event had ‘ere occurred

by Raven & Rhyme
Inspired by Poetry Prompt #29: White Wings