Raven & Rhyme | A Dark Night Where A Dark Man Waits With A dark Purpose

As I wondered cold and lonely
Aimless through the rain drenched street
Fate had chosen me to laugh at
Sending me someone to meet

Never had I laid my eyes on
Someone sinister as he
Had I known what I was in for
I’d have found someplace to be

While I walked my mind was elsewhere
Visiting some other place
So distracted was I that I
Nearly pumped into his face

Pinned down I was by yellow eyes
And teeth as jagged as a stone
His skin seemed to seep out darkness
Chilling me right to the bone

I could feel his dark influence
Creeping, crawling on my skin
Like a swarm of demon insects
Searching me for a way in

Biting, gnawing little bugs, they
Covered me in burning pain
And the darkened cold took over
I’d never feel like ‘me’ again

Grabbing me about the wrists he
Through me o’r his shoulder high
Stole me off to some dark place while
Fear had made my mouth run dry

When I saw the bones about me
Cries for help died on my tongue
Tears welled up within my eyes with
Grief for those who died so young

Then he looked at me with hunger
Skunky drool dripped from his maw
I knew that I had to run, I
Won’t be victim to that jaw

I reached out for closest weapon
Darling child, your leg would do,
Waited till his breath was on me
Hit him with a blow or two

Shrieking with a fierceness that I
Did not know that was within
Warrior woman I became and
Bludgeoned this creepy thing of sin

I know not how I found my way home
Rain drenched steps a blur of time
But I know he can not hurt me
He has paid for every crime



by Raven & Rhyme

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