Raven & Rhyme | Once I Found a Shady Hollow

Walking through the forest glen
Spying birds and squirrels I then
Did not realize I’d wandered
While I blissfully did ponder
Into this, some shady place
Where in a tree I spied a face
Looking to me like a father
But seeming to me like no other
I could not believe my eye
For the magic that they spy
This shady hollow was a home
For some green fairy or a gnome
I fell upon my knees with wonder
As magic rang through me like thunder
“Child you have wandered here
And come upon my home, young Dear
Sit and listen while I show you
All the magics that would know you”
There before my eyes I saw it
Culmination magic spirit
Forever changed me from that day
They taught me magic things to say
I meet you now a changed me
May we all be blessed, so mote it be


by Raven & Rhyme
Inspired by Poetry Prompt #11: Once I Found a Shady Hollow



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